Brenda MacAlpine, Occupational Therapist, Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation, Fredricton

Brenda was very impressed with Mynd move and is involved with research using the equipment. 


 It is a finer FES that allows you to wor with a small pincer grasp, lateral key and gross grasp release. Brenda uses it on shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, and with multiple reach and grasp patterns, for SCI, Brain and stroke. She realy likes it as it doesnt require reprogramming for the different conditions. 

In their recent client research study they saw functional gain in limbs of people with newly aquired incomplete  ASIA B or higher. They have just commenced another new research project studying a mixed clientelle of chronic and new clients. 

Interestingly Toronto did a pilot study on the MyndMove and their therapists struggled to complete the study with the control group. They did complete the study but only if allowed to then treat the control group. It was so evident it was having such a positive effect. 

Brenda uses the BIONESS for FES. It is more bulky through grasp. She spoke of a study to look at Bioness on the effect of spasticity in the hand. People feel more relaxed and there is carryover. Biotone is used to measure spasticity changes. Also reporting it as a useful objective measure for spasticity. 

Brenda likes the for positioning anything where clients need it. 
Brenda is also party of Team Canada healing hands to Haiti. ( See Dr Oconnell’s post) She leads the seating teams to HAITI each year,  and the development of staff in those nations. During the year Brenda collect chairs. They then hold seating clinics in Haiti and soon Nepal. They achieve up to 100 setups in 5 days.  Volunteers welcome website you can fill out a volunteer application.

With regard to seating in Canada, Brenda finds it interesting that chairs are now moving back into carbon fibre,following  improvements in strength from the biking and airline industries . Titanium chairs. 
A favourite chair is the Swedish chair: Panthera X Expensive but good.

She also likes the  TI-lite chairs and RGK custom made chairs. 

Standing chairs are not as funcional in ADLs but are now used more for stretch, weight bearing, socialisation, better bone mineralisation. Studies still out as to whether it helps for bone minerlisation ( logic tells her it should). Hydrolic standees are big thing still easy stand. 
Mattresses: Brenda told me about an algorithm developed by Lynda Norton. Based on how many turning surfaces a person has. 

Pressure relief education. Pressure mapping iis primarily used at STan Cassidy as education tool to see where their hotspots are. Its an education on how well they are offloading. Any pressure map as good as next for that purpose. 
The team was quite excited about their new educational tool that had just been delivered as part of yet another research project, that works with an iphone app to warn people if they have not moved off an area in the last 15 mins and then starts to send off alarms and show them which area has not moved 🙂 and if the off load but do not effectively move a spot, it will show it and keep beeping. 

Behaviour training model with Sensi mat. as part of the resarch they were given 5 worth $399 each, good value they thought. 

Brenda also told me about the Sure-grip hand control by Howell ventures. ( Keith Howell).
Thank you Brenda and all the best.


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